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The town of Valls, is about 100 km south of Barcelona, and is the capital of the Alt Camp county and also the birthplace of the "castells". The first "colles castelleres" (groups of castle builders),were conceived here at the beginning of the nineteenth century and were groups of men who built human towers or castles.

For decades Valls was the only place where this cultural event took place although their "colles" performed in various Catalonian towns and villages where they were very welcome. That is why other new "colles" began to emerge in different places throughout the country, although it was only in Valls that the castles were to survive and continue through both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Presently now that "castells" are deeply rooted cultural phenomena and there are a great number of "colles" throughout the Catalonian territories, la plaza del Blat (Wheat Market Square) in Valls is still the heart of castle building and the two local groups carry on and are within the best "colles" in the country year after year.

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